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The foundation of our company philosophy is communication, planning, and training.  AESI successfully completes over 700 projects a year.  Our ability to successfully handle this many projects is a reflection of our ability to communicate both within our own company and with our clients.  


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Troy Block -Seattle

Check out photos from one of our latest projects, the Troy Block. The Troy Block project involves the redevelopment of an entire city block located at South Lake Union in Seattle, WA.

To learn more about the Troy Block project visit: troyblockseattle.com

"Integrus Architecture recieved the Walter Taylor Award from the American Association of School Administrators for designing Tesla STEM High School..."

Click here to learn more about our award winning project!
Thornton Creek Water Channel
AESI provided subsurface data, geologic hazard reconnaissance, and geotechnical engineering recommendations to be utilized in the design and development of Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel. Our study included a review of previous studies on the site, our past work experience in the area, and performing continuing geologic studies to assess the type, thickness, distribution, and physical properties of the subsurface sediments and shallow ground water conditions.
Getchel High School
Allied Health Building
AESI provided geotechnical services for the 76,650-square-foot Allied Health Building on the Kirkland campus of the Lake Washington Technical College. Our design geotechnical study included a review of available geologic literature and a subsurface exploration program which included exploration borings.
Kirkland Sidewalk Replacement
AESI was asked to provide geotechnical recommendation for the new sidewalk project within the City of Kirkland. The project was in an area where no sidewalks existed and the drainage on site consisted of ditches along the street. In order to create a net zero increase in the impervious surface pervious concrete was used for the sidewalk surfaces.
UIC Drilling
Suncadia Master Planned Community
City of Kirkland Shoreline and Park
AESI worked closely with City planners, permit specialists, and regulatory agencies to develop a plan for replacement of the failed concrete bulkhead with a combination of cove beaches, natural shoreline, and rock bulkhead. The new shoreline design incorporated two cove beaches, one of which allowed for access for park visitors and included a sandy beach and seat-wall elements to promote usage.
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