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Joe Natale
Project Geophysicist

Department: Geophysics

AESI Staff since 2023

Joe Natale joined the AESI team last March and has since hit the ground running, helping us launch our new geophysics department. Joe has a background in Geophysical Engineering from Montana Tech and has worked in various roles spanning from Colorado to Alaska. Joe’s current specialties include seismic refraction, shear wave velocity studies, seismic ambient noise analyses including microtremor array measurements and horizontal to vertical spectral ratio soundings, and electrical resistivity methods.

Through non-invasive geophysical investigations, Joe provides information essential for geologic and hydrogeologic characterization including the assessments of groundwater and earth material distributions. In 2024, Joe hopes to implement new geophysical and analytical methods to better characterize subtle stratigraphic changes in the upper 100 feet as well as to model deep features such as buried bedrock valleys that may control groundwater flow.

In his free time, Joe enjoys organic gardening, mineral collecting, and fishing. Although just a hobby now, one day he hopes to own a small farm and share his love of gardening with others.

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