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Brennan Nowak
Senior Staff Scientist

Department: Hydrogeology

AESI Staff since 2017

Brennan spends his day traveling the Puget Sound installing dataloggers; which track the water levels in our monitoring wells and collecting groundwater samples at our large development projects. The information gathered during his visits will give our design team a seasonal high-water mark, insight into infiltration feasibility and whether there are any contaminants present that require further investigation.

Brennan installs and collects data from over 275 dataloggers within the Puget Sound Region. Depending on the season, AESI has 40-50 active project sites collecting groundwater data.

Brennan is also our licensed drone operator. The addition of the drone to our services provides our clients with aerial data and imagery that can help in identifying unsafe slopes and the ability to provide 3D mapping and visualization.

At AESI, we believe that inclusivity is essential to creating a better world.  We define inclusivity as creating an environment where everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and fairness, and where everyone has equal access to information, services, and opportunities.  


Our company provides an all-inclusive work environment that is accepting, welcoming, and affirming. 

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