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AESI has integrated geophysical investigations including seismic refraction, gravity, and resistivity surveys, with comprehensive geologic and hydrogeologic studies to properly site both test and production wells. We have provided detailed groundwater analysis and reporting for Environmental Impact Statements and water rights applications. Our analyses have included evaluations of aquifer recharge, discharge, flow rate, hydraulic continuity, well design and capacity, and interpretation of borehole geophysical and video profiles. Many times these types of projects entail construction-related hydrogeologic services. AESI integrates these construction-related services, such as seepage analyses, dewatering design, infiltration system design, stability analyses, hydrologic analyses, and environmental impact assessments into current projects. Due to ongoing communications with the Washington State Department of Ecology, our staff has a thorough understanding of applicable laws and regulations relating to water quality, public water systems, resource protection, and other key groundwater issues. AESI strives to remain in contact with Ecology, the Washington State Department of Health, and other government agencies so that we provide our clients with the most current and accurate regulatory information possible.Associated Earth Sciences, Inc. (AESI) recognizes that our society places a high value on water resources. To meet this challenge we have developed an exceptional core group of hydrogeologists who specialize in the identification, development, protection, and management of groundwater resources. Our technical services for public agencies, water/sewer districts, special use districts, and private clients centers on providing the best possible value that accomplishes our client’s individual goals. We provide technical expertise in the following primary areas to meet our clients’ needs.

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Groundwater Resource Evaluation

  • Aquifer identification and evaluation

  • Groundwater availability

  • Aquifer recharge and discharge

  • Groundwater surface water interaction

  • Groundwater flow direction and velocity

  • Numerical and analytical groundwater modeling


Water Supply Development

  • Water well design and rehabilitation

  • Design and completion of aquifer tests

  • Water right procurement

  • Seawater intrusion evaluations

  • Wellhead protection studies

  • Well field design and Installation


Stormwater Management Support

  • Groundwater control

  • Stormwater management constraints

  • Infiltration testing and design

  • Aquifer injection potential/ UIC well design

  • Active and passive seepage control

  • Permanent and temporary dewatering


Groundwater Impact Evaluations

  • Environmental impact studies

  • Stormwater infiltration and geologic hazard evaluation

  • Mitigation development and implementation

  • Nitrate-loading analyses

  • Aquifer degradation evaluation

  • Public education and hearings technical support

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